Dallas Texas Aviation & Aircraft Photographer photographs airplanes, flight operations facilities

Texas Aviation Photographer

Dallas Texas Photographer Christopher Mann specializes in photographing airplane interiors, exteriors, and the facilities and people that support these aircraft............... scroll down

Chris has his pilot's licence, is covered by a 4 million dollar liability plan, and doesn't do anything stupid when he is working around airplanes.
Dallas Photographer Christopher Mann photographs airplanes, aircraft, and aviation facilities. He is based in the Dallas Fort Worth ( DFW ) area but will travel anywhere. Simuflite sent him to photograph the Dassault 7x in France last year.

Christopher's love of aviation started young. He is the son of an airline pilot. He knows how to act when around airplanes and respects how easy it is to hurt them, or hurt yourself when around them. He carries full liability insurance just in case.
photo animation created for Bombardier of a Global Express

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